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People all around the globe are increasingly concerned about their health and appearance, so it comes as little surprise that health and beauty products are increasingly viewed as a necessity rather than a luxury. Healthy International Limited was established in 2001 as a direct response to this trend. It has since become a market leader in beauty and healthcare products in Hong Kong, offering a full range of solutions to meet individuals’ needs. Healthy International Limited is a globally-recognised company, with core strength in Asia Pacific. Its business covers Hong Kong, China, the US, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Healthy International Limited has quickly become the market leader in herbal health and beauty care. Through continuous research and development, the company has launched unique products that help promote a healthier and more beautiful lifestyle. Healthy International focuses on identifying and responding to customers’ needs, and strives so that the consumers can be assured of achieving a healthier life the natural way. Over the past few years, Healthy International Limited had made excellent progress in sales performance. It has also been successful in building brand awareness in both local and overseas markets.


Our Pledge and Commitment

Our Pledge

For the past 15 years, the company’s mission is to introduce effective products of the highest quality, by assuring the strictest selection of ingredients, conducting extensive product research based on scientific clinical trials, implementing thorough marketing strategies and distributing products at the lowest possible cost. Only the most reputable manufacturers in the world who are certified with the strictest manufacturing quality control systems are selected and as such, both ’s partners in the US and Japan are ISO and GMP certified. All products undergo thorough professional analysis at their manufacturing plants. In addition, the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre and SGS have been appointed to carry out regular tests and ensure product quality and safety.


Our Commitment

Most people dream a perfect figure, a beautiful outlook and a healthy lifestyle, and the mission of Healthy International Limited is to make this dream come true. As such, we work extremely hard to ensure the long-term standing of its image and reputation. Being something of a market pioneer, the company guarantees the highest quality of products and demonstrates unquestionable concern for the health of the population. Healthy International Limited will continue to identify scientific advancements in natural ingredients and modify product formulae to ensure it fulfils the needs of its customers.

Our Milestones


January - Healthy International Limited was established in Hong Kong

May -  Natural Balancing Formula launched, the founder - Miss Mariane Chan be the 1st spokesperson herself

September -  Breast Enhancing Lotion Advanced Formula launched



May -  Actresses Miss Bernice Jan Liu and Miss Sandra Ng became the spokesperson for Perfect Lady line, revelled their astonishing success with the products

June -  Slimming Formula launched

July -  Slimming Cream Advanced Formula launched to complement with Slimming Formula in accelerating the slimming effects



June -  Miss Maggie Cheung became the spokesperson for Perfect Lady line, sharing the success stories of breast enhancement and body slimming results as well as participating in the 2003 Beauty and Fitness expo

July -  HI’s official website www.healthyintl.com went live

October -  Jo-oo Bachi Natural Skin Essence launched, the spokesperson Hitomi Harada expressed the success of the product

November -  Participated in the 2003 Natural Health products expo, expanding into international markets

December -  Jo-oo Bachi Skin Rejuvenation Skin Repair Mask launched



May -  Natural Balancing Formula V2 Plus and Slimming Formula V2 Plus launched

July - product line experienced high demands

September - Breast Enhancing Lotion Advanced Formula V2 and Slimming Cream Advanced FormulaV2 launched. Actresses Miss Ruby Lin and Miss Rahman Sofie became the spokesperson for this line

November - Jo-oo Bachi Skin Rejuvenation Skin Repair Mask Experience event received profound feedbacks



May - Jo-oo Bachi Natural Vision Essence released, supermodel Miss Yang Zheng and actor Mr Michael Miu became the spokesperson

June - Actress Miss Maggie Siu became the spokesperson

November - HI Club was founded


May - Actress Miss Lynn Hungbecame the Perfect Lady line Spokesperson



June - Actress Miss Mariane Chan lead four starred users to witness LF’s breast enhancing and slimming magic

July - Members Information Night including special guests, actress Miss Kiki Sheung Tin Ngor, actors Wilson Tsui and Louis Yuen

September - Kenkou Taiyo Maitake Cordyceps launched

October - Perfect Lady Line V3 launched



April - Anti-Water Retention Formula launched

June - Healthy Essence line launched, supermodel Miss Samantha Chow became the spokesperson

August - Perfect Lady poll

September - Probio-Active launched



January - Natural Balancing Formula Plus, Slimming Formula Plus, Slimming Formula Laxative Plus launched

May - Joint Relief Formula launched

June - Anti-Water Retention Formula Plus launched



January - Actress Helena Law Lan become the Spokesperson for Kenkou Taiyo Maitake Cordyceps



January - Actress Rabee'a Yeung became the spokesperson for Perfect Lady and Healthy Essence line



June - Kenkou Taiyo Antrodia Cinnamomea launched



The reputation of Healthy International began with the launch of Perfect Lady line in 2001. It received overwhelming success and feedbacks from the public. This set the momentum for the next sets of new product launches, including the Perfect Slimming line, Healthy Essence line, Jo-oo Bachi line as well as Kenkou Taiyo line. Our determined belief in using high quality ingredients gained solid support from our customers.

The success of Healthy International’s products with its loyal customers lead to the success with winning the Superbrands title for 3 consecutive years. To receive this title 5 key aspects needed to go through intense review including Brand Seniority, Reputation, Market Recognition, Market Share and Customer Retention. Taking this title 3 times in a role were no mistake, Healthy International’s products were also a regular winner at the Watson’s Healthy and Wellness Awards. In which it won in the Health and Beauty Products category, Top Sales for Herbal Slimming Products category, Best New Health Products category, Most Popular New Product for Breast Enhancing/Slimming category and the Best Seller for Vision Protection/Brain Boosting supplements.

Our core believes in always exceeding customers’ expectations have won us these iconic and influential titles. Our reputation were spread by our customer both within the industry and out to the general public. In return, we are motivated to continue our pursuit in helping our customers to achieve a more beautiful and healthier life.


Quality Assurance

Healthy International has invested extensively in the research and development of health and beauty supplements. From choosing high quality materials to the actual production process, each stage is being performed with strict supervision to ensure all products meet the highest industry standards. Our products combine 100% natural herbal essence, cutting edge nutritional science and FDA/GMP approved production facilities. Furthermore, we requested The Hong Kong’s Standards and Testing Center to test our products in ensuring it does not contain any traces of heavy metal, oestrogen, western medicine, preservatives or any other carcinogens. Each product’s “STC Tested” mark signifies the approval of its safety and stability. Customers can rest assured that all product’s quality and effectiveness coincide with the international standards.


Retail Stores

1) SaSa Stores

2) Watson’s Stores

3) At selected Bonjour Stores